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July 28, 2017
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August 1, 2017

Honeymoon Villa Bali

Bali is a beautiful, tropical island, famous for its amazing scenery and lush beaches. It has been named one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations by Conde Nast Traveler, Vogue , Fodor and W to name just a few.

So what makes Bali such a great honeymoon destination? To begin with the scenery is like nothing you have ever seen before. The views are amazing, the sunsets are so beautiful they have been said to bring tears to the eyes. Surveys by The Telegraph say that the most romantic thing you can do with your partner is watch the sun go down. The life affirming feeling of watching the sun paint the sky its various hues of pink, yellow and red bring about a sense of togetherness that can’t be beaten.

In the most romantic place on the earth, the most romantic accommodation you could stay in a the Hu’u Villas. These honeymoon villa Bali are guaranteed to make your stay in this luscious paradise memorable. Hu’u Villas offer the very best Bali has. The villas are located in downtown Petitenget, a short walk from the beach. Hu’u Villas are a mixture of modern, urban living styles with tropical influences. The villas have a huge number of amenities. They are divided into three categories. The one bedroom loft, the two bedroom villas and the Penthouse. These are all housed in a small complex. Each villa has its own swimming pool. The one bedroom loft villas of course make the perfect romantic nest for your honeymoon.

Hu’u Villas offer a romantic Sweetheart Package, an ideal choice for honeymooners.  This includes a welcome drink on arrival, complimentary one hour Balinese couples massage which will be a highlight of your stay; the Balinese are said to have “dancing fingers”. This is because their touch is so gentle and soothing that one feels as if multiple fingers are dancing on your skin. Soothing melodies are played in the background really help guests to unwind. Hu’u villas are also within easy accessible distance of elegant spas that offer manicures and pedicures and whole range of massage and beauty services. Hu’u Villas also offer couples a floating breakfast in the pool, a complimentary cake and a romantic candle lit evening dinner for two. These amazing villas are located forty minutes from the airport and provide an ideal destination for that first getaway with your spouse.

The villas also have ample wardrobe space to unpack and stow all your clothes away in, a dressing area, hair dryers , toiletries and a safety deposit box. Tea and coffee making facilities are available alongside 24 hour free Wi-Fi access. The sweetheart package comes with free shuttle service to the Seminyak area, nightly turn down service and late check out. It also comes with one-way complimentary airport transfer for the and free mineral water in the rooms. The villas have an eight-meter private swimming pool and the standard robes, vanity kit and slippers. There is also a complimentary mini bar for those late nights when you stay up with your loved one talking about everything and anything. The serenity and privacy that the Hu’u villas have to offer are second to none. The silence is bewitching and the serenity and solitude make it perfect for newlyweds who just want to get lost in each other’s eyes.

The Hu’u villas have grown popular and are maintaining their popularity not only because of the luxurious residences they offer but also because of the extra mile we go for with our guests. There is the complimentary VIP treatment and cocktails at the famous Sea Vu Play. The restaurant is well known for its regular parties and crew nights. Sea Vu Play also plays host to world famous DJs. Hu’u Villas even has a ‘One for the Road’ package, meaning if you stay for four or five nights you get an extra night of accommodation on the house. People who stay at Hu’u Villas also get complimentary membership to Finns Recreation Club. In this club you have access to Splash water park, Bounce Trampoline zone , Strike Bowling and the gym! Having fun and staying fit are all part of the Hu’u lifestyle.

Bali is also famous for its numerous restaurants serving up tasty delights. Not only do they serve amazing food but the Balinese know how to create the atmosphere for romance. Restaurants offer exclusive packages that include candlelit dinners in private recluses that are sure to charm anyone. In Nusa Dua it is possible to organize a private cave dining experience for your loved one with the sound of the ocean in the background. They serve fish fresh from the sea, flavored with fruits grown directly on the Island and the best cuts of meat and caviar barbecued and grilled to your specific preferences. Romance seems to be imbued into the very fabric of the land. Have custom made jewellery designed just for you and your loved one in places like Long John silver in Seminyak and Mayang Jewelers in Kuta Square. You get to choose the specific design on the jewellery. The workmanship is excellent and the prices are not going to break the bank.

Bali is such a great honeymoon destination that the book “Eat, Pray, Love” has one of its most romantic story lines centered around it. Couples all over the world come to Bali to not only get some rest and relaxation but also to get spiritually rejuvenated by all that Bali has to offer. The best way to see Bali is using a rented motor cycle. Fall in love all over again as you hold on and the wind rushes around your face and hair. Romance pervades Bali and Hu’u Villas provide first class service and stylish, luxurious accommodation – the perfect start to your marriage.


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  5. Yhen says:

    You may check out Bali Villas and More for a wide selection of Bali villas, or for hotels for every budget. Also, don’t forget if you do go to Bali be sure to head over to Gili Island. Best diving around Bali, white sandy beaches and crystal blue water. We took the booked a few different tours with and they were super helpful and gave us really good pricing as we had booked accommodation through them also. We also went to the new Canggu spa and had massages and a Jacuzzi it is a beautiful spa and restaurant set up. Our partners also went on the ATV bikes with Just a few tips after going to Bali at least 10 times now!

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