1 Bedroom Villa Seminyak
August 1, 2017
3 Bedroom Villa Bali
August 1, 2017

1 Bedroom Villa Bali – Hu’u Luxury Villas Bali

Seminyak, on  the island of Bali in Indonesia is the perfect place to stay  your holiday. It offers not only the best hotels, bars and restaurants, but also world renowned villas. Hu’u Villas, located in Petitenget are designed to provide the best accommodation with easy access to all the best high-end restaurants, bars, shopping venues and beaches.

Hu’u Villas are the hallmark of villas in Seminyak, coming in one, two and three bedroom villas that offer a five-star experience to everyone who visits. Each villa offers a private pool and sun deck giving all the room to socialize with friends and family. Hu’u 1 bedroom villa Bali gives you an unbeatable holiday experience, bursting with a new level of fun in their ambiance and inspirational design, allowing you to enjoy that holiday you have been yearning for months. The villas are created for both singles and couples who want to enjoy stylish comfort on holiday.  You can take a dip into the swimming pool and relax on the deck to soak in the sun as much as you want. Every day you spend at Hu’u Villas is an experience of relaxation and the attractiveness of the 174 square meters premises covered in tropical gardens, elegant living amenities and dinning spaces will just make you and your companions, be it family or friends or loved one feel at home..

All villas at Hu’u are well staffed and managed by experienced personnel, whose service and professionalism in ensuring all your demands are met in full will leave you to enjoy every moment of your holiday turning your experience in Bali into a life-long moment to cherish. The supremely comfortable bedrooms are the norm at Hu’u Villas Bali, with the service and housekeeping ensuring that you get the embrace of island hospitality. There are pleasing views of the pool and garden from the living room and the bedroom that will make anyone, even the most adventurous, to be reluctant to leave the coach. Relax and over an in villa evening meal and reminisce on the day’s activities in light of what to expect the next day. And when you’re tired of relaxing you can cook up a storm in your very own.

As one of the best Villa in Bali, Hu’u offers a sense of privacy and intimacy for guests who want to experience a more serene and personalized experience of the island away from the impersonal approach you many find in holiday hotels. While offering a large living space in a compound comprising of unique pavilions and private gazebo swimming pools, you can also get concierge and butler service around the clock at your own request making your stay even more enjoyable. If you are planning on a long stay with family or any other arrangement, Hu’u Villas offer the best in terms of rates and can organize themed gatherings or small convenient pool parties with tailored barbecues or romantic candle dinners that will provide you the answer to a perfect relaxation. The warm tropical breeze will make anyone’s evening enjoyable and memorable, with the wind kissing your face and smothering your worries away. What’s more? We offer the best of the best amenities in the rooms with a king size bed, a large sofa in the spacious living room and a 40-inch TV connected to an entertainment system for your enjoyment before you head out to the sandy beaches of Seminyak. Hu’u Villas not only provide the best experience indoors, but outdoors as well. Our guests have access to complimentary cocktails access to VIP boat shed booths at Sea Vu Play. Sea Vu Play hosts what can easily be voted as the best Bali bar with its perfect drinks that remind you of taking a voyage with its boat-shaped design. It reflects the story of the good ship Sammy being washed aground on the magical island of Sea Vu Play. And from the rum seeds grew not only the rum jungle, but an inspired drinks menu, perfect for accompanying a meal or to enjoy by themselves; Sea Vu Play is also a great place for nightlife. The bar also hosts a rocking happy hour every day of the week, with an offer for an extra drink or cocktail for every one bought between 10pm and midnight, to keep your party spirit afloat amidst the nautical-themed surroundings. Nightlife in Seminyak is a much diverse place with Sea Vu Play as part of the scene. At Hu’u Villas we also offer complimentary transfers to and from the airport and free transfers around the Seminyak area. Our commitment to offer the best experience to our guests has seen us give a way ‘One for the Road’ package that allows anyone who stays at the villas for four or five nights to get an extra night free on the house. Our Sweetheart Package is designed for romance and the love birds that want to spread their wings and fly away. The villas give a lasting feeling of a tropical love nest with a welcome drink and a romantic floating breakfast on arrival. Our location in downtown Seminyak puts our guests right in the center of the best shopping and holidaying experience on the island. They find themselves amongst a plethora of shopping boutiques, great restaurants, cool cafes and nightlife spots. And the beach, which is just a walk away, offers a magnificent sunset.


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